My Personal Linux Computer, Updated November 7, 2013

Here is my own Linux computer, highly adapted for the work that I do. Our violin shop and book publishing business runs on it, including our publishing library and tools, e-commerce, 19 years of email archives, and several web sites. See: Henry Strobel, Violin Maker & Publisher
Operating System - I have used the compact, fast Puppy Linux since 2005, most recently the PreciseNop-5.4.3 version in a "frugal" installation with grub with an elaborately customized configuration on the sda1 (only) ext2 hard drive. (No Microsoft Windows)
Native Linux - Xfce, Thunar, Cups, Xsane, Evince, Firefox (after nearly 20 years of Opera), Thunderbird, Bluefish, Gftp, Gnome-Mplayer, Gimp, Ristretto, mtPaint, LibreOffice, Avidemux, Optical disc tools, Absvolume, and numerous utilities.
Wine - Address Book, Calendar, SyncBack, Porta, and RootsMagic.
Hardware CD/DVD Drive, USB Card Reader, 17" LCD monitor 1280 x 1024 x 24. Hp 5520 inkjet-scanner. 80Gb internal hard drive, 80 Gb external backup drive which can replace the one in the computer, a Dell Optiplex 745, with 2 Gb ram and an Intel Core 2 6300 @ 1.86Ghz processor, wired router.