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10878 Mill Creek, Aumsville OR 97325. Please call (503) 749-1742 for information, appointment, directions, thanks!

New or old, student or artist - violin, viola, cello, bows, cases, strings, etc. 20% off realistic list prices.

Century, Scott Cao, West Coast, Arcos Brasil, Eastman, Kun, Concord, Wittner, Pirastro, Thomastik, D'Addario, Cremona, . . .

Just as our books are "real" and practical, so is our local violin shop, shown here with my wife and sons. For 30 years we have used our expertise and flexibility to provide the best value and service to string musicians, teachers, and students in the spectacularly successful Salem-Keizer school music program, recipient of the Governor's Arts Award. Our High Schools have won Grammies and first place awards in Vienna, Austria, Germany, California, and of course Oregon. The Salem Youth Symphony, founded in 1954, is also flourishing, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004-2005. I served on its board since 1990. Strobels' provides well adjusted, affordable instruments to string students at all levels.

"---you have been an invaluable asset all these years, and one of the reasons my kids have performed so admirably, as you have made available very fine and affordable instruments over the years. Finally, your generosity has no equal! Bravo for all you have done and continue to do.
Sincerely, Stephen Nelson, Sprague High School, Salem, Oregon"

OUR POLICY - We are a public service oriented, customer-friendly, "community" violin shop. We give large real discounts, and will never try to sell you something you don't need. We guarantee and service what we sell.

"SHOPPERS" BEWARE! - Someone sees a brand or label on the internet, or in a music store, or in the paper, and calls to compare the price with ours. This is unrealistic. Is it the same model? What is its condition, its guarantee? Can you see nd hear it before you buy, and be assured of expert, prompt local ervice? The most important thing is its adjustment or "setup" and ts effect on tone and playability. A guaranteed professional setup ith high quality strings, rests, optimal action, bridge, post and ther adjustments - are you getting this, or a fiddle full of obstacles for the student?

WHAT ABOUT BRANDS? - When you buy a "brand" new car, you know pretty well what you're getting, but violin brands and labels are often much less specific, not to say deceptive. They frequently indicate only the importer or distributor of that commodity. You may hear misleading slogans, like "You get what you pay for." (More likely you pay whatever they can get.) Another is "Instruments from "there" are inferior. For equal quality, instruments from a country with low labor rates simply cost less than those from one with expensive labor. Most high quality handmade instruments (well, low quality ones too :-) are now made in China, costing half as much as machine made instruments from Europe. We know the difference!

(NOTE: You may see student instruments labeled Strobel on the internet or in music stores. We get calls about these but they have no connection with us.)

WHAT ABOUT FINE OLD AND PROFESSIONAL QUALITY INSTRUMENTS? - People often say that sound is everything in choosing an instrument, but in fact they are influenced by many other things, easy playing, condition, appearance, price, and rightly so - they are choosing a long term personal partner in work and inspiration. There is no necessary correlation between the stated value and the musical value, nor will an old violin necessarily sound better. The fact that you or your teacher may like a violin says little about its actual worth or origin. Anyone can get an adequate instrument without paying for a big name. But many violinists will want something special, unique or personal. This is part of the mystique of the violin. (You may be excused - but don't be deluded.) Besides the sound, they may prefer a genuine old instrument for its age and individuality. For professional performers, the "show business" factor comes in, often dictating an impressive sounding Italian or French "pedigree" to print in the program. It is unfortunate that some young artists, pressed by teachers, conductors, or dealers acquire instruments which they can ill afford, may not need, and may fail as investments. Consider a less famous, even anonymous maker. Note: Never take a label in an instrument at face value (especially Grandpa's "Stradivarius"). Take it to an expert.

WHO'S A VIOLIN MAKER? - A violin maker is one who has personally made violins to professional standards for professional performers and has proven expertise in repair and adjustment. Beware: Not everyone who assumes this title qualifies. Often first-time customers, having seen my sign, Henry Strobel, Violin Maker, come in, look around, and ask, "Did you make all these?" Well, certainly not at those prices! Some violin makers do only that, making expensive artist instruments, as I do occasionally, but those that operate violin shops may not have the time, being occupied with adjustment, repairs, customer service (and in my case writing and publishing books for other violin makers). When you need help with your instrument or bow, trust it only to a professional maker.

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Parents and beginning students, please print and read: Young Person's Guide to String Instrument Care

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